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Immigration and citizenship, the future of Italy between economy and rights denied

Saturday 20 May 2023 h. 10:00-12:00 - ONLINE

During the webinar they will speak:

  • Elisa Serafini - "Economy, welfare and future":

- the impact of immigration on Italian welfare, which is now fundamental and will be even more so in the future;

- analysis of the role of immigration in the real dynamics of work in Italy, with the aim of refuting the populist thesis that immigration represents unfair competition against Italian workers.

  • Insaf Dimassi, Deepika Salhan, Donata Borgonovo Re - "No taxation without representation":

- analysis of current legislation on citizenship in Italy (Law 91/1992);

- barriers due to lack of citizenship, denied rights, risk of marginalisation;

- proposals to amend the legislation on the right to citizenship: Ius scholae/Ius culturae. How this new law could facilitate thousands of young people who feel Italian to obtain citizenship without being bound by time and money limits.

  • Siid Negash - "Immigration and citizenship in the public debate"

- political communication on immigration in Italy, characterised by exploitation, politicisation and lack of complexity in the debate;

- perception of Italian public opinion;

- the issue of the right to citizenship, which enters into the political debate almost only close to the elections, as a catalyst for votes by the electorate.

Participation is free upon registration to the event: REGISTER HERE!

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