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It is a communication campaign that promotes art as a means of making European values known and increasing citizens' sense of belonging to the European Union. Born in May 2020, today it is spreading throughout Europe!

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Why this campaign?

For each of us, being European citizens has a different meaning. For this reason we decided to launch a communication campaign that encourages citizens to represent their vision of the European Union through art in their respective cities:thus #paintEU was born.



Conceived by the "Collettivo Arte" of the MAC fest, during the Festival held in August 2022 in Cava de' Tirreni (SA)

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"A Mural for Europe"

Made in Alpignano together with the students of the Tallone Middle School
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"United in


Inspired by the winning drawing of the "Let's draw Europe" competition in front of the "Emanuele Luzzati" nursery school in Sant'Olcese

Do you want to join #paintEU?

If you want to get involved and create works within your community, join the #paintEU campaign too!

Do you want to support the campaign?

#paintEU is a campaign financed thanks to the contributions of the partners of the individual initiatives and thanks to contributions from private citizens

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UN MURALES PER L'EUROPA- alpignano 2022 (16).png
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A MURAL FOR EUROPE - alpignano 2022 (12).png
A MURAL FOR EUROPE - alpignano 2022 (11).png



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