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Our projects

First as a movement, then as an association, since May 2019 we have been engaged at local, national and European level to promote projects and involve more and more realities and citizens.

If you want to propose a project, contact us!

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Intra-Youth Dialogue on Europe and Africa

Y-IDEA's goal is to conduct future-oriented academic research to make the voices of young Africans and Europeans heard internationally.

#paintEU is a communication campaign that promotes art as a means of making EU values known and increasing the sense of belonging to the European Union

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We are a community of young European citizens who, perhaps because they have recently been ex-students or students, understand the importance that a 360° education on EU-related issues has to build a more united and aware Union of the challenges of the future

We bring the EU into the Italian universities

Find out where we are and contact us to organize events and conferences in your University!

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One Tour for Europe is a project co-funded by the European Parliament Offices and involves the creation of EU-themed art works and activities in 5 different Italian cities. The aim is to encourage the participation of citizens in the vote for the next European elections of June 2024. 

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