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European student participatory citizenship

"Information is the first tool we have,
information that does not serve to support politics,
but to make us aware of what we have
and also of what we cannot lose"

David Sassoli

To bring it to your University, write to us!

Why do we do this?

Our goal is to bring out within the
university context of the project proposals
made by students to improve the Europe we live in.

The task that awaits us is to create tables of
active citizenship that will allow participants to
study and discuss community issues that
impact on the lives of European citizens.

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Universities involved

University of Pisa

Between June - November 2023 a series of meetings will be held in collaboration with the ELSA Pisa association

If you want to participatewrite to us!

University of Genoa

A Conference on "Youth and Skills" for the future of the EU will be held in Genoa in November 2023

If you want to participate, write to us!


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University of Pisa


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EUniversity Genova

University of Genoa


Our Reports.

You can download here the reports produced by our team!

Report AEYC
October 2022

EUniversity Genoa
November 2023



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